Frequently Asked Questions

Do you design and build staircases that comply with Australian Standards & Buiding Codes?

All of our stairs are carefully designed around compliance. We ensure that when designing and manufacturing our staircase we meet regulatory authorities such as the Australian Standards and Building Codes locally and nationally.

Can you replicate a staircase that I have pictures of even though the stair is very old and highly detailed?

It is very common for clients to bring in a magazine clip or photos of a staircase that they wish to have made. We are aware that inspiration for one’s stair comes from seeing what has been showcased, in saying that we are happy to replicate the stair they wish to have in their home or workplace however we do encourage uniqueness and would generally customise their staircase to give it a personal touch.

I have an old stair in my house/ work and I would like to know if you do staircase upgrades to modernize the stair or improve the appearance of it?

We generally design and manufacture new stairs however we do also offer our services to assist with existing stair upgrades and revamps.

I live in Port Lincoln and I would like to get a custom stair made and installed. Do you work on stairs out of the CBD of Adelaide?

Yes, we do offer our services to all areas of South Australia both CBD, regional and rural. We have done many projects in vast and distant areas of South Australia as well as some specialized and custom staircase that have been interstate.

We have a lot of wasted space in our roof and would like to convert it into a room. Do you design stairs or access ladders that are small that are limited in size?

Small limited space wine cellars and roof space conversions with the need for access ladders or space saving staircases are becoming very common. We do help design and manufacture custom made non-habitable storage rooms or roof space ladders and staircases with the emphasis on compliance with the consideration to the limited space in which it needs to be fitted.

I have small children and I am so frightened when they get close to the top and bottom of my stair that they may fall or climb up them. Do you make some types of gates or barriers to help stop kids from accessing the staircase?

Yes, we do custom make & retro fit stair gates to most existing staircases. We suggest making a gate that is in keeping with the style of stair that can be removed at a later stage with minimal damage to the existing stair or walls however this does depend on the style and type of gate to be retro fitted.

Please contact us if you wish to get further information or have any questions or queries regarding what you have read as we are more than happy to assist you.

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