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February 28th 2018

Our New Home

We are very proud to announce that we have moved into bigger and brighter premises.

After a very hectic 3-month period we have now settled in to our new home. A larger and more established premise with room to expand and upgrade.

The move was epic, with crane trucks on a continuous return trip collecting our machinery and with many truck and trailer loads we finally did it, emptied the old and filled up the new.

With special planning and important input from our respected staff we fitted out the new factory floor to ensure the stations and setup will work more efficiently with room to expand.

Connecting new 3 phase power point location to run our extensive range of machinery was no mean feat and without the expertise and immediate help from our good friend Aaron at IMR Electrical the move would have extend out to 6 months.

Our office fit out and show room is work in progress however we have established a very warm and inviting area for our clients to relax and have a coffee during their stair selection process.

We are wrapped with our new home and we look forward to a brighter and prosperous new chapter for Stairs by Design.

To all involved in our move, Thank you!

Please drop by as our friendly staff will love to assist you and show you around.

Stay tuned for upcoming news and information.

February 18th 2018

Our New Website

Today, Stairs by Design has proudly unveiled their new website.

After almost a year of ground work and research we can now visually express our passion for what we do and the exceptional quality of our stair making craft.

As you navigate through our site you will follow our journey to what we have become today and get to know Stairs by Design in a more personal level.

Our special thanks and appreciation goes out to all our respected partners for the on-going assistance in providing us with some exceptional quality images and the positive feedback we have received.

Without the hard work from the team at Marketing Sweet we could not have completed our vision with the site and we are very grateful and we look forward to the next level.

Thank you to all involved!

Stay tuned for upcoming news and information.

Stay tuned for upcoming news and information.